What’s fresh at myvirginactive

What's fresh at myvirginactive

We’re so excited about the new and improved myvirginactive website. Here’s a quick guide to get you surfing the site like a pro.

Home page

We’ve made the home page easier to navigate. Each section of the website now has a handy summary that explains the basics. Now you’ll always know where you are and what you’re looking at. You’ll also notice (what we call) a carousal, with articles, recipes and images just for you. As we get to know you better, we’ll only feature stuff we know you’re interested in.


We’ve added an awesome library of workout routines for you to try out. Check back often, because we’ll be adding new routines regularly. You can now personalise your chosen routine by swapping exercises you don’t like with those you love. Another exciting feature of Move is the exercise library. Here you can view photos and clips of any specific exercise. Just to recap: 1) Choose a workout routine 2) Check out the routine for the week  3) View a few clips in the library to see what the exercises are all about 4) Swap the exercises you don’t like for something else.


Try out the exciting new tracking features. You can now log all your activities including sports and group exercise, get your calories and your total training time. We’ve also enhanced the measurement logging and you can now view all your logs in a calender, making it way easier to check your progress.


We’ve added descriptions of the classes to the timetables. We also have a brand new filter, making it easier for you to find classes that suit you.

My Favourites

You can save exercises and workout routines for easy access later on.

Mobi (m.myvirginactive.co.za)

myvirginactive has gone mobile baby! Now you can Track and Move while you’re on the go. Login and register to get quick access to club info, timetables and everything else you need to stay happily ever active.

We hope you enjoy myvirginactive’s new website as much as we do. Remember, we love feedback so if you have any issues, comments or suggestions, we’re all ears!

Please complete this short questionnaire about the new myvirginactive website.

37 thoughts on “What’s fresh at myvirginactive

  1. Looks like you’re rolling out some awesome new features boys and girls. Definitely a boon for the serious folks who like to track and measure progress constantly.

  2. I enjoy going to my jim as all the staffmembers are friendly and very helpfull.
    I’m also looking forward to the new fitness program you have lodged.

  3. i’m lazy @ times but whn i’m there i enjoy myself even though my virgin active@ Kingspark is always packed yu cant even breath.

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  5. H


    This feature is extremely important and helpful to me

    Your assistance on this matter would be highly appr


    Zain eciated. as I’m always on the go and need to plan my visits carefully as I’m targetting certain exercises and studio classes for my fitness. am unable to view the different clubs and time tables on my cellphone and have noticed that the time I could view the times on the web and the times on the chart at the various clubs sometimes differ. i

    • Hi

      Sorry for my 1st email not sure if it came threw correctly pls see if you could make out what I commented, o and I tried emailing my comment on the homepage where it says contact us but there no send email icon.



  6. Love the new website (myvirginactive). Would love another feature added though – similar to the calories burnt page, one where you type in what you ate for a day and it counts that :-)

    But ja, life is hectic and I’m not always finding time to go through to my gym but playing on the new site definately motivates me and helps me want to do more exercises and stick to my goal :-)

  7. Hi . I have been a member of virgin active at bel airs shopping centre for a while and was wondering if i could apply for a temporary job there

  8. what does someone have to do to get a kit bag/water bottle etc.joined VA in Feb 2011 but up to now nothing is forthcoming.

  9. Its all good fun but why does Virgin Active not provide any account information online or provide any email contacts – have you guys got something to hide?

  10. How much is the membership a month 18+? How much will it be with and without a personal trainer? Are there any staff to help you get started?

      • Why are the prices different? I love my VA Bel Air, the staff is amazing and the personal trainers are helpful even if you are not a client shout out to Reece and Khosi you guys rock. The mall not so great. The mall is so badly managed that even the parking lines are invisible now in the dark.

  11. Westville Virgin Active is the best! Here we focus on the whole family and make sure we do our very best to let you leave happier than when you came in! Can being more active make you happier? Without a doubt! Come and join us for some awesome 24 classes or even join our kick-it Personal training groups and see amazing results! ……….Westville VA, were we care about our members!

  12. Hi guys, I’ve noticed some of the gym’s has blow dryer’s and some don’t. Winter approaching and some guys like drying their hair before leaving after a shower, just a thought.

    Kind regards


  13. Hy I just started training at amanzimtoti gym and they so awsome,the stff they so cool.not to forget Helen the lady who assisted me wow so nice.lol and ofcourse my boyfreind Melusi who encouraged me to join.virgin active does it for me!

  14. Hi there. Either than phoning virgin active, how can one confirm if one’s account is up to date or not in arrears? Please provide step-by-step how-to-guide.

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