Active kids = smart kids

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Start the new school year the right way. It’s all about how being active and physically fit can help your kids at school. You know that being active can keep your kids fit and healthy, but exercise can also up their smarts, boost their productivity, rev their energy, and help them ace their exams.

How being active can help your children at school

1. Your children will benefit from improved concentration, cooperation, and focus in the classroom.

2. Exercise can help increase learning, teamwork and leadership skills at school.

3. Being physically strong can have a massive impact on your kid’s self-esteem.

4. Your children can become better at managing their anxiety and stress during tests and exams.

5. School sports and activities can help increase their motivation and organisational skills.

Active kids = social kids

Being active in school is a vital part of childhood. It’s a time when kids are building friendships and figuring out their likes and dislikes. Exercise and physical prowess can boost your child’s confidence and happiness.

Are your kids involved in sports at school? If not, find out what they love to do, and encourage them to try out.


Remember, the best way to show your kids how awesome an active lifestyle can be is to lead by example. Bring them with to the club. Keep active on the weekends. It’s so worth it.

Club-V is a fun, safe, and supervised space for your kids to get active and make friends while you train. It’s uptime for kids, downtime for parents.

Now no matter how you move, you score


Whether you’re training for that upcoming triathlon, enjoying a game of doubles, or squeezing into a speedo for some laps, any movement that uses your muscles to burn more energy than you do when at rest is called physical activity. So, in the words of Olivia Newton-John, “Let’s get physical”!

Multiply; Momentum’s Wellness and Rewards programme, has launched Active Dayz™. It’s a personalised, activity solution that recognises and encourages all types of physical activity by using technology to track and record. Now, no matter how you move, you score.

Through using activity tracking devices or apps, logging events or swiping your access card at the gym, Multiply will recognise and reward you with Active Dayz™ and real cash-back rewards.

Enjoy a healthy glow and the benefits that match.

Here’s how you can get an ACTIVE DAY with Multiply:


So, come on. Have an active day!

How to get ahead – myvirginactive

myva_devices_newwYou know what they say. Knowledge is power. And myvirginactive is the perfect place for you to arm yourself with everything you need to get into the best shape of your life. Because it’s not just about how many hours you log at the club. It’s your lifestyle. And myvirginactive is full of expert advice, easy-to-follow tips, and even easier recipes to try.

Your food 

We know food is a massive part of your success at the club. Making the right food choices will help you see the results you want to see, so we have loads of advice and tips in this department, from the basics like staying hydrated, keeping cravings at bay, and what foods are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to more specific things like detox, supplements, and reading food labels. We’ve also got healthy, easy-to-follow recipes to try out. The important thing is to experiment and find what you love, because that’s the trick to sticking to a healthy eating plan.

Your fitness level

No matter where you are on your health and fitness journey, we’ve got you covered. myvirginactive will help you stay motivated and bounce back after some time away. You’ll get the best times to train, along with group exercise suggestions for your specific goals. It’s all there, including advice for newbies, pros, and everyone in between.

Your kids’ goals

For the kids, we have fun activities to do together as a family, creative lunch box ideas and fun stuff to download too. Like our colouring-in sheets, designed to help your kids have fun while they learn.

Your goals 

Training for a specific event? Whether you’re aiming to finish on the podium or simply conquer a new route this year, myvirginactive will help you with training plans and expert advice from industry professionals.

Confidence comes standard


Look good. Feel comfortable. The full adidas women’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection gives you the confidence to take on any active challenge. You’ve got this!

The high support Racer Back bra gives all women confidence, and offers the perfect fit with custom construction for every size, maximum ventilation due to breathable filter foam pads and adjustable side closures, make it easy to take on and off.

The Ultimate Tights 2.0 live up to their name thanks to all-new opaque material. It means better coverage no matter how extreme your workout, a super-flattering fit with a re-engineered waistband, and Climalite fabric that keeps you dry.

Shop the range here: I got this

KAUAI – where food meets fitness

Salsa juice ice

If you’ve managed to stick to your New Year’s Resolution of eating better, KAUAI is all set to help you with fresh, healthy options bursting with benefits to boost your health all-year-round. Here are two easy ways to stay on track.

Give your body a chance to detox

Ditch the caffeine and opt for nature’s best by grabbing a nutrient-dense raw juice. Why? Freshly squeezed raw juices pack the biggest punch in terms of nutrients and active enzymes and provide you with loads of antioxidants. These antioxidants:

– give you a healthier body and skin by helping to reduce cell damage caused by UV rays, pollution, bad diets etc.

– can help lower your blood pressure.

– may support healthy vision and have anti-inflammatory properties.

– are generally also lower in sugar than processed juices and they contain no preservatives.

KAUAI juices to try

– The CBC juice made with a combination of carrot, beetroot and celery.

– The Your Daily Greens juice with all the alkalising goodness of kale along with spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and omega-rich chia seeds.

– The Helper juice made with carrot, cucumber, celery, lemon, turmeric, and Himalayan salt.

Choose hassle-free lunches that give you the energy you need

KAUAI takes the stress out of your lunch hour by having a range of delicious, fresh, and healthy meals on offer just for you. If you’re all for something light but still satisfying, try the Citrus Sriracha or Kale Caesar salad with free range chicken. The Mexi Bowl and Power Rocket Bowl are the perfect meals for sustained energy with their mix of quinoa and brown rice, and if you’re upping your protein intake or watching your carbs, get your hands on the Protein Plate or the Carb Conscious Plate.

Make these healthy drink and meal choices a habit, and just like that you’ll be staying on track with your resolutions to be healthy, strong and fit!

Written by Lesley Scott, Qualified Nutritionist (All Good Things blog:

What’s next for wearable tech?

GOYA tech pic

Wearable tech started out as these large, expensive devices that only a handful of people could afford. Then, each year, they got smaller and smaller, more user-friendly and accessible. Today, they’re on a lot of people’s wrists, in their pockets or their bags. Developers and technologists are upping the tech game – so let’s check out what the future holds:

Who says it needs to live on your wrist?

Companies are looking to create conductive fabric that will both power and monitor your ‘wearable’ throughout the day. They understand that you don’t want to be tied down to one product or device, which is why they’re creating ways for you to stay monitored through multiple pieces of garment and jewellery.

More accurate more often

When it comes to 100% accuracy, there are too many variables surrounding wearable tech, which is why it needs to go full-body and not just live on your wrist, your handbag or pocket. If you think about it, the only things giving a reading are the gyroscopes and accelerometers in the ‘wearable’ itself, and your smartphone. With the help of multiple sensors on your body at one time, your unique body movements will give more accurate results.

More than a pedometer

It’s great that wearables are able to monitor how far you walk, how many steps you take and how many flights of stairs you climb. But what about jumping, throwing, lifting and stretching? There are other ways people get active, and the ‘wearable’ will soon evolve and move with you. Yay!

A world where everything is connected

Imagine you come home one day, get to the front door, and unlock it with nothing but your heartbeat. Feeling cold? No problem. Your living room will pick up that your core body temperature is dropping and automatically switch on your heating. Thirsty? How about a glass of water? Your fridge will pick up that your hydration levels are low and help you out. With such incredible innovations on the horizon, everything around you will seamlessly connect, making sure that you can stay at your optimum all day.

What are your thoughts on the future of wearable tech? Let us know, @virginactiveSA #VATechTalk

Break routine – get your row on


The rowing machine can be intimidating. Especially if you’ve never tried it before. But trust us, once you give it a go, you’ll see how effective it is in getting your heart rate up and beating the boredom.

First things first. The benefits

– Cardio AND strength. A good session on the rower works every muscle group in your body. It ups your heart rate. And it burns loads of calories. It also helps you build strength.

– Low impact. The rower offers the full benefit of a hard-core cardio session minus the stress on your joints. Win-win.

– Fly solo or train with your gym buddy. The cool thing about the rowers at Virgin Active is that if you want to train with your bestie or gym buddy, you totally can. And if you don’t? Just stick in your earphones and fly solo.

How to use the rower in 5 easy steps

The rower is a simple machine to master. Just follow the steps below. If you’re a first timer, set your resistance on low and move up from there.

1. Start by securing your feet on the pads (with the straps) and slide right to the top of the machine. Grab the handle and pull it with you as you slide to the end of the machine, knees slightly bent.

2. Lean back, pull your hands up to your chest, and hold the handle right below your chest. Now you’re ready to go.

3. Move your arms out first, followed by your upper body. Slide your body forward on the seat by bending your legs. Once you are at the top of the machine, your arms will be fully extended and your legs will be bent.

4. Push off with your feet first, then move your upper body so that you start to lean back.

5. The last part of your body to return to finish position are your arms. As your upper body angles back, pull your arms so that the handle ends up back to touching the front of your chest, just like how you started.

Remember: Use your legs! That’s where the power is. Not your hands or arms. If you use too much force while pulling the cable you risk hand blisters and back problems.