5 minutes with 5 Springboks for 5 lucky members


Win an exclusive experience with the Springboks #ruggaVA

To say thank you for being a part of the Virgin Active family, we’re giving 5 members (that could be you!) the chance to win 5 minutes with 5 Springbok Rugby players on Monday, 06 July 2015 at a Virgin Active Health Club in Cape Town.

How to win

Take a pic showing how much you love Virgin Active and tweet it. Tag @virginactivesa and use the hashtag #ruggaVA. Get creative. Show us your love for Virgin Active. It’s that easy.

Your Bokke meet and greet, unpacked

Besides 25 minutes of rugby talk with the Bokke, you’ll get:

– A signed photo of you and the Bokke.

– A rugby fan pack, which includes: A limited edition Virgin Active tog bag, a Virgin Active cap, and a Springbok Rugby jersey (don’t forget to have them signed by the players!).

– Delicious refreshments.

Giveaway: 50 limited edition Virgin Active tog bags

As a runner up prize, we’ll be giving away 50 limited edition Virgin Active tog bags to 50 lucky entrants.

Entries open at 12pm on Thursday, 25 June 2015 and close at midnight on Sunday, 28 June. We’ll choose our lucky winners via a random draw, so be ready! Tweet us. Tag us. And don’t forget the hashtag: #ruggaVA. If you’re one of the lucky winners, we’ll call you with all the details. If you don’t live in Cape Town, don’t stress. We’ll fly you down for the day. Ts &Cs apply.

Good luck!

Ensure a healthy future for your kids


Winter means spending more time indoors than outside. But that doesn’t have to spell boredom for your kids. Sign your kids up for Club-V and let them experience ALL the fun, in an exciting and safe environment.

Club-V and Club-V Max

Club-V (for 6 week olds – 7 year olds) and Club V-Max (for 6 week olds – 13 year olds), depending on your home club. Both are dedicated indoor play and activity areas where your kids can get active through creative, fun, and interactive programmes designed for the different stages of their development.

Our staff are fully trained in early childhood development and they have paediatric first aid training so you never have to stress. Your kids are in capable hands.

The benefits of activeness  

Children have loads of energy so it’s important to keep them moving and using their energy in constructive ways. Exercise can:

  • Help develop your child’s muscles and bones
  • Improve their co-ordination and balance
  • Help keep their weight under control
  • Give them confidence
  • Help them sleep better.

Remember: the sooner you make your children aware of exercise, the sooner you’ll lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy choices.

Plus, while your little ones are having fun, you get to work out knowing your kids are in safe hands. Win-win.

Chat to the Club-V co-ordinator in your club, who can show you around and explain all of the benefits of signing up your child for Club-V.

Let’s introduce you to: Professor Ross Tucker

ross tucker1

Lose weight, get fit, muscle up, or get better at your sport. Whatever your goal is, we want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to get there.

That’s where sports-scientist, Prof Ross Tucker, comes in. We’re excited to have him on board to share his expert training tips, advice, and programmes with you. Whether you’re a newbie wanting to get, and stay, on track, or a pro looking for better results, in the club and on the sports field, Prof Tucker can help you.

Fitness for everyone

Thinking of upping your game and entering a competition? Already training for one, like the Comrades Marathon, Cape Town Cycle Tour, or a triathlon? Prof Tucker’s expertise can help you every step of the way.

Not training for anything specific? That’s cool too. Because although Prof Tucker is a specialist in high performance sports, he can help you no matter what your goal is. Run around with the kids. Fit into your favourite pair of jeans. Just feel good. Prof Tucker’s knowledge can get you there.

Sports science in a nutshell

So, what is sports science exactly? Don’t worry. It’s less complicated than it sounds. We’ll let Prof Tucker explain.

“Why do we need to exercise? Who needs to exercise? What excercise should be done? How much of it should be done? These are all questions that owe part of their answers to the emergence of knowledge in the last two decades. If adopting a scientific approach to exercise, which to me means understanding the why, and then being logical, systematic and progressive about it helps people, then that’s the valuable contribution that science makes to the health of members. A big part of this is filtering out the truth from the myth, and helping people avoid the obvious errors in training.”

Sports science made simple

No jargon. No complicated explanations. Virgin Active is about keeping things simple and accessible to help you stay fit and healthy. And Prof Tucker is too.

“I am looking forward to communicating this aspect of sports science to Virgin Active members in a way that is relevant, easy to understand and even entertaining.”

“I’m lucky in the sense that I’m exposed, through my work and training, to a whole range of ideas and concepts, and I can try to translate and explain these to members, so that they can go straight to the solution that works.”

Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all

Remember: Always experiment. Try new things. Find what works for you. Find what you enjoy. That way, you’re more likely to stick with it and see results.

“I would want to encourage everyone to learn from their own experiences, obviously. Find what works for them, what doesn’t. But imagine if we could learn from the mistakes, successes and failures of other people! How much better would that be? Our progress would be massively accelerated. And that’s what science is, and that’s what my role is. I want to provide the shortcut to logical, sensible and effective advice to help people train with the best results, and lowest the risk for Virgin Active members.”

We can’t wait for you to up your game and see the results with the help of Prof Tucker.

Why Dr Tucker is our new fitness pro:

– Professor of Exercise Physiology, University of the Free State
– High-performance sports consultant/coach
– Scientific & research consultant to World Rugby (IRB)
– Scientific consultant to adidas SA & Virgin Active SA
– National Research Foundation Rated scientist
– Creator of The Science of Sport website
– Author of articles in New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian (UK), The Times (SA), RunnersWorld (SA), and best-selling running book, The Runner’s Body
– Named on the list of Top 200 Influential Young South Africans, Mail & Guardian 2013
– Named among Top 100 Influential South Africans in Sport, Minister of Sport, 2014

Home Ground Advantage


We love the Springboks. And we loved their super inspiring campaign video (we suggest checking it out right here for all the feels).

The Home Ground Advantage. Anywhere in the world

Rugby has always been the sport that unites us as a nation. Something we can always be proud of. Because: “When we put on our green and gold, we are us at our best”.

Support our Springboks at the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Virgin Active are behind the Bokke 100%, and we can’t wait to cheer them on at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, kicking off on the 18th of September in England. We’re so excited. Get excited with us.

Green and gold, baby.

Say no to winter weight

WinterBeachGirl EXTENDED FL

It’s winter. We blame the cold for making us want to face-plant into the nearest bowl of creamy pasta. And then dive under the duvet for TV series marathons. But summer bodies are made in winter right? Yes. We know it feels like jumping the gun. But what better time to start than right now?

Here are some tips. Remember, reaching goals takes perseverance and time.

1. Be prepared

Get organised in the kitchen. Prep. Freeze. Reheat. Bring leftovers to work. Use winter to get into the kitchen and experiment with different recipes. Too cold to venture out. Check out myvirginactive for awesome, healthy recipes to try.

2. Spice up your workout routine

Don’t let the cold weather scare you. Layer up and go for a run. Check your club’s timetable and get warm in a group exercise class. The possibilities are endless. Just try to keep moving most days of the week.

3. Keep tracking your progress

Tracking your workouts and the progress you’re making can be a really great motivator. Especially in winter, when you’re more likely to go off track. If you normally train before work, train before work. Remember: it’s the same temperature in your club all year round. Just layer up and start moving.

4. If you fall off the wagon, get back up

We’re human. We’re going to give in and have that piece of cake. Or that burger and fries. The important part is to avoid a downward spiral. Dust yourself off and start again. Make your next meal super healthy. One bad meal, or two, won’t undo all your hard work.

Pssst. Remember, the little things count too. So take the stairs. Park far away at the shopping mall. Small things = big things.

Tip: If you’re not doing as much exercise, make sure you’re keeping your food intake in check. It’s easy to keep eating the same amount of food when you’re not burning the same amount of calories.

Busting workout excuses


We know your reasons seem legit. And maybe a few of them are. But, excuses aren’t going to help you reach your goal. Guilty of any of these?

1. It’s so cold. It may be nice and toasty under the duvet or in a hot bath, but getting your heart rate up will get you pretty hot too. And just think: your bed and bath will be waiting for you when you get home. The perfect reward.

2. My food was super healthy today, so I don’t need to work out. Making healthy food choices is awesome. Well done! But imagine how amazing you’ll feel if you add fitness into that equation. Losing weight is one thing, toning up is another. Plus there are the health benefits of exercise to consider, right?

3. Work is just so crazy right now. Work is always going to be crazy. Let’s be honest. But the good news is: all you need for a calorie-torching workout is 30 minutes. Try The Grid or a twentyfour class for us high intensity interval training session. These quick classes are great lunch time workout options.

4. I’m so tired. We hear you. With long hours at the office, social engagements, the kids, friends and family, life can be super draining. But another great perk of exercise is the energy it actually gives you. You’ll feel the difference.

5. There are no classes at the times I’m available. We know that group exercise classes can keep you motivated and inspired to come to the club. But flying solo has its perks. Plus we’ve got you covered if you’re not sure what to do. Visit myvirginactive and find a workout routine that’s just right for you.

6. The club is always so full when I go. Get inspired by all the hardworking bodies out there. Use the space creatively. Try new things. Waiting in line for the treadmill? Why don’t you grab your gym buddy and head to the club floor for some bodyweight cardio instead? Challenge yourself, have fun, and beat boredom.

7.  I’ve already messed up today, so there’s no point. Yes there is! There’s such a danger in thinking this way, because then you’ve just bought a one-way ticket to a downward spiral. So you’ve made an unhealthy choice or two today. That’s no reason to give up. This is a marathon. Not a sprint. Start again. And start now.

8. So.much.laundry. It’s the worst. All those sweaty clothes in heap on your bedroom floor. We get that it’s a mission, especially in winter. And especially with no tumble dryer. But just think about when summer rolls around and you’re looking incredible and you don’t have to scramble franticly to get in shape. Doing laundry won’t feel like such a schlep then.

9. I’ve just had my hair done. There’s no way we want to mess up our dos after a session at the salon. So always plan ahead. Go to the club before. Or go to the salon on a much-needed rest day. Plan, plan, plan.

10. Summer’s still a LONG way away. I have ALL the time in the world. Ok. Let’s do the maths. Getting fit and healthy doesn’t happen in a day. Or a month. It happens gradually. There are no quick fixes if you want to do things the sustainable way. So the earlier you start, the better. Trust.

Plus, on those days when you really need extra motivation, there’s the Let’s 2015 motivational app. To download it, visit your app store. Then set a challenge (because everyone needs a goal). Choose when to get motivated (anytime you want). And reach your goals this winter.

*The Let’s 2015 motivational app is available in the stores on Apple and Android phones.

Just Dance baby, dance


Hands up if you’ve ever felt shy in a group exercise class situation. Yup, us too. But remember: it doesn’t matter how you look while you work out. It’s how you feel. And dancing makes you feel GOOD.

Which is why Virgin Active has created Just Dance – our high energy, exciting new group exercise class. Perfect for torching calories, sculpting muscles, and building strength. Sold?

Just Dance is for EVERYONE

Created by a professional dancer and choreographer, this group exercise experience blends easy-to-follow dance steps with the latest music, Just Dance is designed around repetitive movements that use muscle groups in a dynamic way. It also ups your heart rate and increases blood circulation.

What’s your goal?

Oh, and did we mention that a single class burns about 400 calories? It’s time to let your hair down, shake it all out and get ready to dance like nobody’s watching. Just Dance, baby, dance.

Why dance?

Whether you’re old, young, a guy or a girl dancing:

– Tones and tightens your body
– Increases aerobic fitness
– Helps with weight lose/management
– Improves the condition of your heart and lungs
– Increases muscular strength, endurance and makes you move better
– Strengthens bones and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis
– Improves your coordination, flexibility and agility
– Makes you feel good
– Boosts self-confidence.

Round up your besties and have a party

You know what sounds better than a workday evening spent on the treadmill? A workday evening spent dancing. With your friends. To rad music. Absolutely torching calories.

However you choose to move, you can glean the biggest rewards by doing it for 20 to 30 minutes most days of the week. What are you waiting for? Go cut a rug.

Tip for letting loose: Make sure you’re wearing something comfy. And confident in. Baggy and not constricting. Body-hugging and sexy.

Remember: It’s a FUN dance class, not So You Think You Can Dance. So. Even if you’re not doing exactly what the instructor says, just keep moving.

Just Dance baby, dance.