Second Virgin Active Club opens in Windhoek

lets talk aboutSince August 1995 Namibians have been helped on their path to health and wellness by Virgin Active with the opening of the first health club in Windhoek. Now, 10 years later, more locals will be able to enjoy a combination of fun, interactive exercise solutions at Virgin Active Kleine Kuppe which opens on September 26.

The new, double storey 3541m2 lifestyle health club, located opposite ‘The Grove’, offers a wide range of activities … all under one roof. So, whether you enjoy running on a treadmill or around a squash court, cycling, swimming or the more gentle style of exercise, such as yoga and pilates, there are plenty of options to choose from at the new health club.

One of the latest exercise programmes – exclusive to Virgin Active – that will be the ‘energy centre’ of the club is ‘The Grid’.   It is all about going back to basics but in a whole new way, while burning up to 500 calories in half an hour!   Through simple, stimulating individual programmes or group classes you learn to get fit and move better through the six basic movements we use every day: push, pull, squat, bend, twist and lunge. It is suitable for everyone no matter what your fitness level.

Apart from The Grid, Kleine Kuppe packs a substantial punch in other areas of fitness and lifestyle offerings

– Cycling torches calories and tones you all over, so go pedalling in the Ride studio where you can feel the burn without taking to the roads. Alternatively you can measure your power output accurately, pedalling technique and heart rate by training on the smart Wattbike, which allows you to track your progress. If you’d prefer an all over body workout, then functional training would probably be your choice – here you can use kettlebells, ViPR, Kinesis and a bunch of other equipment to work out at your own pace

– If you want to ‘mix it up’, the heated 25m2 pool is perfect for laps and a low impact cardio workout or try taking a Splash (water aerobics) class

– The studio is where you’ll find group exercise classes ranging from Kick and Shape to Step, TwentyFour and Zumba

– For something gentler there’s a mind and body studio – a private space where you can stretch, strengthen and chill out with yoga, pilates and Nova

– The modern Technogym equipment includes powerplates – it won’t ’shake the fat away’ but it will challenge you because it’s an unstable surface

– Enjoy a fast-paced game of squash on one of the two squash courts

– Feeling like tapping into your inner child? Then do a workout on the Queenax machine, dubbed the adult ‘jungle gym.’ It is multifunctional machine with stations that include boxing, TRX (in suspension), pull-ups and battle ropes

– Freshen up after a workout in the modern, clean change rooms and sensation showers.  Disabled and family change rooms are available plus a steam room and sauna

– The poolside Kauai café, with free 100mb daily free wi-fi and internet stations, is a relaxing space to enjoy a smoothie, surf the web or watch some telly.

Let’s not forget the kids

Club V-Max is a fabulous, fun, fitness space for junior members (aged 3 to 13) where they are kept active and busy while you try out the group classes or train as you see fit. Our Active Play programme teaches them to run, throw, play, catch and have a huge amount of fun at the same time. It’s like an ‘exercise guardian’ to ensure your kids get moving and active – to stay healthy and happy.

Virgin Active Kleine Kuppe welcomes everyone. Young, old, fit and unfit are encouraged to get active at this brand new club where enthusiastic, well trained staff will ensure each workout is memorable.

The health club is situated in Hilltop Estate, cnr Chasie and Frankie Fredericks Street, Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek. Opening times: Monday to Thursday, 5am to 9pm, Friday: 5am to 8pm, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 6am to 7pm.

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Get active with your kids

Kids without fadeJuggling home and fitness isn’t easy. Don’t wait for better days. Don’t wait for less busy schedules. Get amped about fitness and include the whole family. Virgin Active has something for everyone. So let’s get excited. Try some new things today.

Get active at your club

For the kids, there’s our awesome Club-V facility, which is perfect for play no matter what the weather’s doing. And, if your kids are old enough, you can even take a class together. Try Zumba or Just Dance for some real fun or check out some of our other age-appropriate classes like Move, Move Lite, Groove, Twentyfour Family, Kick and Hip Hop. Visit myvirginactive to view your club’s timetable. Remember, you must be with your kids at all times when participating in these classes.

6 weeks – 7 years

  • Sign the kids up at Club-V – a fee-based facility where younger kids can take part in fun, supervised activities. They also get to beat holiday boredom with arts and crafts, games and group exercise classes at special holiday camps. The next Club-V holiday camp is 5-9 October. Chat to your club for more info.
  • Swimming – little ones can learn to swim with qualified coaches at an additional cost or just have fun in the leisure pool. It’s important to remember that adult supervision at the pool is required at all times.

6 weeks– 13 years

  • Want a workout or looking to chill out? Relax. Like Club-V, Club-V Max will take good care of your kids. We have a trained team ready to give them the best time ever. Ages 6 weeks to 13 years old are welcome. The next Club-V Max holiday camp is 5-9 October. Chat to your club for more info.
  • Group exercise classes – Move, Move Lite, Zumba, Groove, Twentyfour Family, Kick, Just Dance and Hip Hop are all classes that children can participate in, with supervision from their parents. Visit your Club’s timetable on myvirginactive and choose the class you want to attend. Choose the child you’re booking for and follow the instructions (you can check out your dependents’ details in Self Service on myvirginactive). Note: not all classes are bookable.
  • KAOS – a sports-based class for 8 – 13 year olds that involves ball skills, cardio fitness, core muscle development exercises and obstacle courses. The focus here is on speed, power, agility and quickness.
  • Gym equipment – indoor cycles, steppers, rowing machines, elliptical trainers and the stretch area are available for this age group.
  • Swimming – little ones can learn to swim with qualified coaches at an additional cost or just have fun in the leisure pool. It’s important to remember that adult supervision at the pool is required at all times.
  • Internet stations – tweens can surf the web at our Internet stations, but remember that adults take preference at all times.

14 – 17 years: teens may use most facilities in the club. Power-plate® is only available to over 14s. And don’t forget all the cool ways to stay fit outside. Summer is almost here which means parks, beaches, hikes, bikes. The works.

A look at KAUAI’s new menu

Kauai logo (2)nlAs we head towards summer, many of us will find it easier to get back into the swing of exercising and healthier eating. When you don’t have the time to prepare your own meals to be as healthy as can be, you can swing by one of the KAUAI stores in Virgin Active clubs and grab a healthy option from their fresh new menu before or after your workout.

This month we are also giving our Virgin Active members an exciting opportunity to win 1 of 100 R100 Kauai vouchers to test out the new menu. All you have to do is tell us what you’d like to try off the new menu. Easy. Competition ends 11 October so get in on the action right now and enter here. Ts & Cs apply.

What’s the new menu all about?

It’s about real food made from high quality, fresh ingredients that, where possible, are free of unwanted colourants, preservatives, hormones and GMO. It’s about offering members an inspiring selection of fresh, wholesome and delicious meals, smoothies and raw juices with a superfood spin.

In addition to loads of new items, some of KAUAI’s classic favourites are on the new menu but the recipes have been enhanced to fit in with the nutrient-dense, wholesome, new menu offering.

So what’s new?

A variety of breakfasts

– The Sunrise Wrap with free-range scrambled eggs. Eggs are a complete protein     source to help keep you feeling full and help build muscle.

– The Raw Oats Bircher Muesli with chia seeds. These little seeds have great nutritional value and are packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

A selection of signature wraps:

– The Kale Caesar wrap. Kale is one of the most nutrient dense, alkalising foods you’ll find, giving you a whole lot of nutrients in one go.

– The much loved Princess wrap is now better than ever. What’s changed? It’s now   made with free range chicken and fresh avo.

Tasty signature dishes

– The Citrus Sriracha salad with lentils – these tiny powerhouse legumes are an        excellent source of protein and fibre.

– The Power Rocket bowl with quinoa – a filling, gluten-free, protein-rich grain with a slight nutty flavor.

Nutritious smoothies

– The Peanut Butter Bomb is now made with raw cacao and whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows. Why raw cacao? This unique ingredient gives you a dose of calcium, iron, antioxidants and magnesium, making this smoothie one you’ll absolutely love.

Fruit and veg smoothies

– The Alkaliser with kale and coconut water. This is a great combo – the kale makes it alkalising and the coconut water is great for replenishing nutrients naturally and        hydration.

– The Seasonal smoothie with pineapple, avo, freshly squeezed apple juice, kale and spinach.

Superfood smoothies

– The Acai-me smoothie – acai is great for digestive health, eye health and reducing cell damage.

– The Nut Milk smoothie – made with coconut milk, almond butter, cashews, coconut water, banana, and honey and cacao nibs.

– The Nature’s Protein smoothie – a great vegan offering with pea protein and nutrient dense hemp seeds.

Delicious, nutrient-dense raw juices

–  Your Daily Greens – a nutrient dense green juice with the added benefits of chia     seeds.

– The Helper – turmeric’s active ingredient has been shown to help reduce    inflammation and cell damage.

– The CBC made with carrot, beetroot and celery.

There’s bound to be something that takes your fancy so give this fresh new menu a try and check out for more information on the ingredients. Take a look at the KAUAI journey to find out about all the exciting changes, visit

Written by Lesley Scott, Qualified Nutritionist (All Good Things blog)

Track your fitness with this test

trackfitnessDon’t stress. This isn’t a test you can fail. Basically, it’s just a cool way of seeing where you’re at. It’s a starting-off point, so you can track how you’re upping your skills as you go along.

How to do the test

These 4 exercises are basic moves. So they’re easy to do, but super effective. Do them at least twice a week to start with. And then again a month later. Keep doing them to see how much easier they’re getting and how much better you’re becoming at them. Boom.

If you’re not sure how to do a move, no worries. Just visit There are loads of how-to videos in the exercise library that you can watch.

Tip: Start with two sets / 15 reps for each exercise and gradually build from there.

1. Squat

How about trying our squat challenge for this one? Just print out the card and go for it. If you’re serious about getting into great shape, squats are one of the most beneficial moves for that goal.

2. Push up

This move will work your arms and chest of course, but you’ll also feel the burn in your abs. So if you’re looking for an arm move with more to offer, this is it.

3. Burpee

Picture this: a move that works every major muscle in your body, and is a crazy cardio move as well as a strength one. That’s the burpee. The move everyone loves to hate.

4. Plank

Yes, this is one of our favourite core exercises, hands down. But it’s also one of the best moves to help firm up your legs, glutes, back, shoulders, and arms. The plank is an all-rounder.

Tip: The cool thing about these moves is that you can do them ANYWHERE. At home. At the park. On the beach.

Everyone needs a goal. And by doing these 4 moves regularly, you’ll be able to see, and feel, how far you’re progressing.

Change how you train, on the Wattbike

Wattbike Image Option3 (2)What are you going to do differently to get the body you want? Try new eating habits, a new group exercise class? That’s all good. But we’ve got something extra special for you to try. The world’s most intelligent bike.

It can accurately measure your power output, pedalling technique and heart rate (ideal for weight loss). How does knowing these things help you? It’s a fact: tracking progress helps achieve goals. Knowing how you’re improving is one of the best motivators too.

Other cool stuff the Wattbike can do for you

– It measures watts a 100 times a second, which supplies you data in the form of the Polar View.

– The Polar View shows you if your pedal stroke and muscle activation is optimal.

– It tells you your force application and the percentage of work for each leg.

– Current Wattbikes are ANT+ enabled, and the newer Wattbikes are Bluetooth        enabled.

– There are a few fitness tests for you to do to determine your peak power and        functional threshold power.

Change your body

Cycling is one of the most effective workouts you’ll ever do. It torches calories, tones you all over, boosts your energy, and it’s kinder on your joints than running. Let’s get specific: if you’re looking for something that can seriously change your body and the way you work out, give this amazing piece of equipment a try.

Track your progress with the powerapp

Download the powerapp to track your training on the Wattbike by uploading, analysing, and sharing. Then save your session data to the powerhub, the Wattbike’s free online cloud storage. Available for Apple or Android. Want to know more?

Try the Wattbike at one of these Virgin Active Health Clubs

Brightwater Commons
Bryan Park
Century City
Eco Park
La Lucia
Little Falls
Melrose Aarch
Moreletta Park
Moses Mabhida
Old Eds
Sunward Park
Table View
Victory Park

Your protein pick-me-up

proteinshakeProtein can help you build the lean muscle you want. It can also help you recover after a tough workout (with carbs of course). The thing is, it’s not exactly as convenient or quick to prepare as other food groups. That’s where protein shakes come in. We’ve done the research.

First, why protein is so important

Besides building new muscle, protein is also helps with cell repair, including your skin. Most of us should aim to have between 0.8g and 1g protein/kg body weight a day (this includes the protein you eat from your daily food). If you’re a bodybuilder, you might require slightly more, but never more than 2g protein/kg body weight/day (more than that is wasted because your body can’t actually use it).

Protein shake tips

– Good wholefood sources of protein include dairy products, nuts, chicken, fish, meat and legumes (dried beans, lentils, chickpeas).

– If it’s a recovery drink you’re after, you can easily replicate what’s on the shelf in your own kitchen, using yoghurt, milk, fruit, oats, quinoa, peanut butter and skim milk powder.

– When buying protein powders/shakes, try and buy a product with minimal other ‘stuff’. Like refined carbohydrates, often in the form of added sugar.

Find a product that mimics wholefood as close as possible – the less          processed a food, the longer it will take to digest and the less impact it will have on         your blood sugar levels.

 Try to consume no more than 200 calories worth of protein shake if you’re using it as a snack in between meals or as a ‘top-up’ to your usual daily intake when training more or recovering from an injury. Remember, it’s all about balance.

The Grid: Get active, fit, lean, and strong. Fast.

gridimageTake six core movements. Mix them together. And you’ve got an explosive 30 minute session called The Grid. Perfect for anyone trying to get fit and reach goals fast, The Grid will show you how to push, pull, squat, bend, twist, and lunge the right way. Book your spot on The Grid on myvirginactive, or just show up. Up to you.

First up: what you need to know about The Grid

The Grid consists of 4 programme pillars. Each Grid session can be either of the 4, depending on your instructor. Why? Because we like to keep things fresh and exciting. And most importantly: effective. Your instructor will let you know which of these you’ll be doing just before the session starts. Here’s what you can expect.

Grid Active

You can do this one barefoot. Why? Active Grid is our primal, sensory-rich programme, all about a structured sequence of movements that all flow from one to another. You’ll work at your own pace, so no pressure.

You’ll leave feeling energised and amped for the next Grid session.

Grid Fit

This one’s a real calorie guzzler. Based on the ascending ladder system – also known as “The Accumulator”- it’s six exercises done in 30 seconds, with a 30 second break in-between.

The aim? As many reps as possible before moving on to the next exercise. Once all six are done, you’ll work your way back from the 6th move to the 1st.

Grid Lean

This training is based on TABATA – 2:1 work-to-rest ratio. That’s 8 intervals a round for 4 minutes. Great for cardio lovers and people looking to burn calories quick.

It’s time friendly (either 15 minutes or 30 minutes). Plus it’s a great intro to a variety of different pieces of equipment. Feel the burn – before AND after your workout.

Grid Strong

This session incorporates 6 repeated movement patterns, with a 45 second recovery between each exercise.

Bring your friends

Who says getting fit can’t be fun! Tell your friends to book their spot with you on myvirginactive and make your Grid session a party.

You’ll train your body through its primal movement patterns using more traditional strength exercises, so it’s the perfect session for people looking to get strong.